College Housing for the Arcata and McKinelyville Area
Tips and Resources for Renters

General information on figuring out which place is best for you. What to look for, how much you can afford, and more.

Filling out a Rental Application
What is a Rental Application? Do you need to fill out all of the information requested? Helpful info on the topic of rental applications.

Signing a Lease or Rental Agreement
The steps you should take before and after signing a rental agreement.

Moving into Your New Unit
General information on the first day of your rental term. Information on inspections, the condition of the unit and more.

Common Rental Terms
A list of common terms and definitions you might encounter when renting. Answer to questions like: What is a credit report? What is Renter's Insurance?

Tea Garden Four Plex
(707) 839-3233
1120/1140 F Street
Arcata CA, 95521
Office Hours
09:00 am - 02:30 pm
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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2 Bedroom / 2 Bath
1 Bedroom / 1 Bath : $890/month